• Mark Pöhner


What kind of content do people like to share?

Do you feel demotivated, because your posts are not being shared? Probably your not posting the right things. Here is some crucial advice that will make your posts more engaging and sharable.

Make sure that your post falls into one of these categories: Moving, Educational, Talented, Inspirational


Everybody will share something that inspired him/her because we love to inspire friends with it. Think about your Lyrics and what inspired you. Think about what your band stands for and share your thoughts! But be accurate with your words, so that you're not running into danger that people take it the wrong way.


People will share extraordinary talent. You got a musically impressive composition, solo, drum fill? Show it. Your Bass player is only 12 years but can slap like Flea from the RHCP? Film him practising. People will be impressed and are likely to share it with other people.


People like to share knowledge with other people. Do you have the massive guitar sound? Show people how you created it. Tell about how you write songs or the best way you manage your Band business.


Music is all about emotions. People like your song when it speaks to their emotions. Think about other content that emotionally attracts people. Tell about your story and your passion. People that feel you will share your story. Are you a fun band? Don’t get me started on bass player jokes!...

That alone isn’t enough to grow your fanbase. Your post needs to follow current content standards, has to be authentic and consistent. I will talk about this in one of the next posts.

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