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Updated: Feb 20

1.) At the very beginning of any release strategy, you should think of “Why are we doing this?”, “What makes us special?” and “What is our message?”

Having a clear answer to these key questions gives everyone in the band a better understanding of what the band stands for and where you are heading, which is crucial to the whole social media strategy that follows. The most important advice here is: be authentic! You should not make things up you do not feel comfortable doing. It just won’t work.

2.) As soon as you have a good feeling about your answers, it gives you the chance to see and define your characteristics, that connect to potential listeners. What mood does your music deliver that people might want to connect and search for? What are your beliefs that might attract new fans? Does your music go well with other art forms where potential fans are waiting to hear from you? The list goes on...

3. Try to condense steps 1 & 2 into 2 strong sentences that describe the uniqueness of your band and your message to new fans. You will want to use this for your Insta bio, Spotify and on all other digital platforms. This is also the groundwork for your audience targeting.

Conclusion: This is probably the most important advice at the beginning of every online music strategy. The whole Social Media Content & Strategy builds on this. But it is still done wrong by most of the bands out there. Capture your niche, make it unique by telling your story to make your music interesting and appealing to new listeners.

If you want to dig deeper or need help with your band, send us a DM, or check out our website for more info. This is only the starting point from which we help bands create an authentic, exciting and engaging Streaming Strategy.

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