• Mark Pöhner


Updated: Feb 20

I see a lot of bands promoting their music like we’re still living in the ’90s where listeners first contact with new bands was via Radio, TV where major labels placed newcomers with huge budgets and predefined what to hear.

Nowadays listeners decide where they discover new artists. Our search for new music is always controlled by emotions. We all listen to music because we want to amplify or change the state of how we feel at the moment to the desired mood (something to think about!).

Realising this, your marketing message must change from WHAT you are, to WHY you wrote the song. This is where you build connections to the emotions of new fans and get them hooked. Fans are also much more likely to dig the song because they already have the emotional connection.

Don’t believe me? Here is an example:

You wrote a song about struggling with social isolation. Your message must change


“Bandname - Songtitle Stream our new song!”


“Do you feel the mental struggles during covid lockdown? Stream our new song to find out how we felt”

Triggering emotions by teasing your story gets listeners excited and draws new listeners in who would have never heard of your band.

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