• Mark Pöhner


💥Micro-video (05-15 sec) is the thing in music marketing 2022. Here are a view reasons why💥

  1. The attention span of new listeners is extremely short. You have to get their attention within a few seconds or you lose them.

  2. Video Posts are (usually) more engaging, interactive and personal than text or images.

  3. Video posts build additional connections to potential listeners and help you with storytelling.

  4. TikTok is on the rise and Insta holds against it, so the algorithm favours micro-video.

  5. You cannot easily upload more than one minute of video content to Instagram or TikTok

💥How to create and post the micro clips💥

Creat short sequences (5-15sec) using different visuals from your official video. In addition, create new clips. This could be for example your band performing the sequence live, acoustic, in the studio, in the car…try to be creative but authentic!

Tap into peoples minds by only using the strongest sequence of your song.

Why not use different parts?: The more often you get new listeners in touch with your hook line, the more the song creeps into the listener's minds and create the desire to listen to it as a whole.

When posting the clip there should come a clear message with the post. What is coming out? Where do I need to go to hear/see it? When is it coming out? Why is it so good?

Start one week before single release consistently placing the clips on your socials. Keep on posting consistently until at least two weeks after release. Always put value to every post & do not repeat yourself.

Always keep in mind to keep your release strategy authentic, consistent, valuable and straight to the point.

We’re only scratching the surface here. At eleven manics we have worked out the perfect 2022 content release plan for rock and metal to promote your single. We can’t wait to implement it together with you. DM us or check out our HP to get in contact.🤘

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