• Mark Pöhner

💀3 ROCK MARKETING FAILS 2022 - Part 1 💀

Updated: Feb 20

In this post series, I will focus on mistakes often seen in

rock & metal online strategy.

Fail 1: 💀Not to post on TikTok💀

“My audience is not there! This is just for kids! It’s not for us!...”

I do not want to talk about personal preferences. The plain facts are that:

TikTok is the fastest growing Social Media platform with nearly 800 Million users so it is most likely that your audience is indeed on Tiktok if you create music that is of interest to people.

Because of the platforms rapid growth, it is a lot easier to go viral than on Instagram. I doubt that this will still be the case in 2023/24. That is why it is important to hop on the train now.

The focus on video (TikTok) is more suitable than the focus on images (Instagram) for musicians. If you seriously want to grow your fanbase in 2022, there is simply no way around TikTok. No Idea how to get things started? DM us! :)

Fail 2: 💀 Focus on album instead of single release 💀

The album is the holy grail. This is the old mindset, that I can definitely understand and relate to. But this counts for physical products, do not let this ruin your online strategy.

With every single, you release before the album comes out, you get the chance to gain new fans and listeners that will later buy your album. Releasing only 1-2 Singles before the album was built on possibilities & consumption habits from past decades. You should think of at least 5 months of consistently releasing singles & content to build momentum and get the best results at album release.

Fail 3: 💀Post plain YouTube & Spotify links💀

There are two major problems with this:

  1. The fan should have a good reason to click on the link that will take him to another platform, otherwise, he/she won’t take action. Posting only the link or “stream now” is not a valid reason.

  2. The platform algorithms do not favour these posts, because they lead customers away to other platforms and services.

To avoid these problems, you should always write posts that provide a benefit to the potential fan. There are many exciting and creative ways to do this. Doing this right also helps you strengthen your music brand and band identity.

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